Journal and Cooperation

The Date Calendar of the Journal REHABILITÁCIA

The periodical comes out four times in year.
The distribution of quarter of a year
The first month: information retrieval
The second month:  composition of articles, verbal and grafical adaptation
The third month:
– matter in first half of month,
– chapter files printing and adjustment of expedition in second half
– goods despatch in last day (31.3, 30.6, 30.9, 31.12)

Present new and important basic and methodical information, extend existing studies, or provide a new approach to a traditional subject. Manuscripts should be limited to 10 Pages of text. Figures, tables, and references should be limited to the number needed to clarify, amplify, or document the text.

Clinical Notes
Report an observation that is interesting, new, or of sufficient import to warrant attention. Manuscripts should be limited to 10 Pages of text; an extensive review of the literature is not necessary, and references should be limited. One or 2 figures and/or tables usually suffice to supplement the text.

Copyright Agreement
The specified copyright statement must be completed, signed by all authors, and submitted with the manuscript. If not completed in full, it will be returned for completion. The copyright statement and checklist form may be removed from the journal or photocopied for submission.

Duplicate Publication
REHABILITÁCIA, as a primary source periodical, does not consider for publication material that already has been reported in a published article or is described in a paper submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere, in any print or electronic media. This policy does not usually preclude consideration of a manuscript that has been rejected by another journal or of a complete report that follows publication of a preliminary report, usually in the form of an abstract (300 words).

Manuscript preparation
Print manuscripts for REHABILITÁCIA on white paper – ISO A4 (212 x 297mm), with margins of at least 25mm. Print on only 1 side of the paper. Use double-spacing throughout, including title page, abstract, text, acknowledgments, references, individual tables, and legends. Use unjustified, flush-left margins and letter-quality printing.

Title Page
The title page in REHABILITÁCIA should include: the article title; first name, middle initial, and last name of each author; name of department(s) and institutions(s) to which the work should be attributed; complete name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the designated corresponding author to whom all communications should be addressed; the source(s) of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs, or all of these.

The text of observational and experimental articles for REHABILITÁCIA is usually divided into sections with the headings Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. Longer articles may need subsection headings to clarify their content, especially the Results and Discussion sections.

Introduction: State the purpose of the article. Summarize the rationale for the study or observation. Give only pertinent references, and do not review the subject extensively. Do not include data or conclusions from the work being reported.

Methods: Describe the selection of the observational or experimental subjects (patients or experimental animals, including controls) clearly. Discuss eligibility of experimental subjects. Give details about randomization. Describe the methods for any blinding of observations.

Results: When data are summarized in the Results section, specify the statistical methods used to analyze them. Describe the success of any blinding of observations. Report treatment complications. Give numbers of observations.. Discussion: Emphasize the new and important aspects of the study and the conclusions that follow from them. Do not repeat in detail data or other material given in the Introduction or the Results section..

References in manuscripts accepted by REHABILITÁCIA shall include only material that is retrievable through standard literature searches.