The determinated web pages in rehabilitation:

1. Proffesional rehabilitation society in Slovak medical accociation:
2. Rehabilitation: Proffesional rehabilitation society in Slovak medical accociation:


3. Spa - determined to movement damages:



4. Advisory board in social rehabilitation:


5. Musicotherapy in social rehabilitation:


6. Musicotherapy in social rehabilitation:
7. Portal leká for doctors:
8. The hippotherapy in rehabilitation - Slovak Hippotherapeutic Association


9. IFBLR v Piešťanoch, Vysokej školy sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave:


10. Informations about the postgradual studium of the rehabilitation:
11. International journals with rehabilitation topics:

American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
American Journal of Sports Medicine,
Australian Journal of Physiotherapy,
Joint, Bone, Spine,
Journal of Biomechanics,
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development und Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Sportmedizin,
Journal of Physical Therapy Science,
Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association,
Physical Therapy,
Tidsskriftet Fysioterapeuten,

12. The rehabilitation problems in Czech books: